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Love, Always. . .
ISBN 978-0-8034-9875-4

Is Mandy ready to return Joe's
love, or will she keep on
searching for her dream man,
the hero of the book she
hopes to write?
ISBN 0-8034-8741-X

A haunting dream and a trip to
Cornwell, England, where for
Gwenyth, the past and the
present mysteriously collide.
ISBN 0-8034-8702-9

The opera is Alicia's life, until
she meets the enigmatic Reid
Marsh.  Is he really what he
seems to be?  And what about
the popular love song he can't
bear to hear her sing?
ISBN 0-8034-8827-0

A business trip takes Lauren to
romantic Florence, Italy, where
she discovers there's more to
life than work--if only she can
let go of the past and learn to
trust in love.
ISBN 0-8034-8673-1

Julie Adams has always loved
puzzles--until she arrives at
Michigan's Thunder Island and
finds a bewildering puzzle she
has to quickly solve.  Her very
life depends on it!