About Norma
       I was born and raised in Michigan, where I grew up on
a small farm with all sorts of pets – from a lamb to a pony.  
Even as a child, I loved writing.  Drawing was my second
passion.  I’ve sometimes joked I must have been born with a
pencil in my hand.

 I've always loved reading and loved books.  It's hard for me
to part with any of my favorites, so of course I have lots of
books aound all over the house.  I've even kept two copies of
one that particularly struck a chord with me,
, by science fiction writer Connie Willis.  (It's
comforting to know that she worked on this particular book
for five years.  As someone who writes rather slowly and re-
writes constantly, I can relate to that.)  Romance books fill
the cabinets here in my office.  So many good books and so
many good writers that I couldn't begin to mention them
all.  But I'm sure I've learned something from each of them.

 My husband and I continue to live in Michigan, currently
with one cat in residence – a very friendly, easy-going,
playful, short-haired tortoiseshell who “helps” with my
writing.  I could easily have a houseful of cats and dogs, but
we’ve limited ourselves to only one or two pets at a time.  
Many of the animals who’ve shared our home, or the homes
of our friends and relatives, have found their way into my
books.  So have some of my other interests, such as baking
and cooking.  (A weakness for collecting every recipe and
cookbook ever printed is something I won’t even mention.)  
I enjoy knitting also, and, yes, occasionally I find one of my
heroines picking up her needles.

 My adult writing career started out with a brief piece in
Woman’s Day magazine.  After that I wrote for a number of
national magazines and an occasional piece for a newspaper,
as well as writing both fiction and non-fiction for children
and adults.  After our daughter was born she thought all
mothers spent most of their time writing.  When she was very
small and someone asked her what she wanted to be when
she grew up she would immediately answer, “A typewriter,”
which would usually elicit a chuckle or two.

 Now I write romance, chick lit, and romantic suspense
almost excluseively.  I'm a member of Romance Writers of
America, along with the Published Authors’ Special Interest
Chapter.  My hope is that a few of my books will find their
way to someone’s shelf where they will have a home and be
enjoyed for a long time to come.  
Love, Always. . .